Sharlto Copley Gif Hunt Part 1


None of these are mine and full credit goes to the owners.

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The flawlessness, IT BURNS

But seriously though thank you for putting majority of the gifs into one post, definitely saving these for future reference :)


#You say that now, Sharlto. #But we all know #it’s for the sausage roll.

Dat hair

Dat hair

I realized in the article about plans for Sharlto being in Oldboy they started talking about a movie called Open Grave

And through my super awesome research I found out about this mysterious movie and Sharlto’s role: 'heads to Hungary in May to star in OPEN GRAVE, helmed by APOLLO 18’s Gonzalo López-Gallego, in which he’ll play a man who wakes up in a pit full of corpses with no memory of how he got there or whether he’s responsible for the dead bodies.'even though Apollo 18 looked pretty lame, this other movie does speak my interest