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Open Grave (2013)


Sharlto Copley  : Behind the scenes of Open Grave


Favourite Jonah/Sharon moments - 2/?

I spent the entire movie waiting for this moment, for the moment when Jonah would find his link to someone… and here it was, with Sharon.  And I’ll admit, I cried when they showed Jonah holding his and Sharon’s photograph!

"My love, I remembered everything. We were doctors on the verge of finding a cure for an awful plague that has cast the world into darkness. The mute woman is the answer. Her blood is immune to the virus. You must protect her. You will find death and madness everywhere, but you have to fight to finish what we started. We have no time, Jonah. There are still people waiting to be saved. I know your memory will come back soon. When it does, remember I love you.

❝ It’s important for me as a director to help my cast establish a general, overall perspective of their characters. When we rehearse, we explore what happened to these characters before the events of the movie take place or even during unseen events that we only allude to. So when they come to set, I want them to be ready to run and improvise. It’s important that we all know the characters inside and out. ❞


Gonzalo López-Gallego

We talked with the Open Grave director about genre-filmmaking, building characters, and why he chooses to edit his own movies.

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