uhhuh Your typical ninja hobo assassin in space
Your typical ninja hobo assassin
in space

I'm your average Sharlto Copley stan and Cartoon Show/Video Game geek currently obsessed with the life ruining movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier, living a not so exciting life and escaping it by going on the internet + for every follower I will spray you with a toxic genetically prawn mutated fluid, uh I mean give a sweetie of course :)

hey, you really have’ta stop callin’ me james…
so, what do i call you, then?
how about you just call me bucky.

Captain Adorable (◕‿◕✿)

"And when I find him, I’ll hit him with a singularity so strong that what’s left of his body will fit into a coffee cup.” [x]


The Walking Dead Meme || (5/10) Characters

∟ Daryl Dixon


craigs gang for that one anon now onto the goths


damnvers asked: guardians of the galaxy or the avengers.

Movies/Franchises based on Marvel Comics

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