uhhuh Your typical ninja hobo assassin in space
Your typical ninja hobo assassin
in space

I'm your average Sharlto Copley stan and Cartoon Show/Video Game geek currently obsessed with the life ruining movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier, living a not so exciting life and escaping it by going on the internet + for every follower I will spray you with a toxic genetically prawn mutated fluid, uh I mean give a sweetie of course :)


And Thor is way older!

Natasha is not mocking Steve.


What better way to practice some action poses and body shapes than drawing fan arts for an action movie? Ha, who am i kidding, I just wanna draw some fan arts for Captain America: The Winter Soldier! It’s great so go watch it if you haven’t already!

"Most of the intelligence community doesn’t believe he exists. The ones that do call him the Winter Soldier”


Endgame by hezpeller:

What do you mean this isn’t how Endgame ended?

Click images to read captions/the dialogue

Sebastian Stan as: T.J Hammond (Political Animals)

" I stopped being me such a long time ago, I can’t even remember who that was. I guess the only thing that makes me feel like myself these days is when I’m not."

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